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About Us

ShopPlus is a Malaysian driven initiative that is supported by a Taiwanese technical group that provides a shopping platform with an e-commerce twist, where shoppers can shop, share and earn cash backs and shopping points from the system. ShopPlus possess one of the strongest bonus rebates that offer a three-tiered divined return with a fraction of an effort of sharing and shopping. The system was brought in from Taiwan where users can be part of the growing e-commerce industry in Malaysia without having to invest a huge amount of time and money. It is a business platform where Malaysians can shop, share and earn through the economy sharing system.

 ShopPlus carries 6 major categories; Fashion, Digital & Electronic Goods, Home & Living, Sport & Leisure, Baby & Kids and Automotive, with various prominent brands to cater to mass Malaysians. With the new break into the Malaysian market, they are currently expanding their brand portfolio to accommodate to a wider crowd.

The rise of Malaysia’s E-commerce, how can you miss it?! 


Nowadays the global e-commerce fad keep blooming, the rapid growth of Malaysia market make it become the new blue ocean in e-commerce, actively attract foreign investments, even the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma choose to set up eWTP Electronic World Trade Platform Digital Free Trade Zone in Malaysia. Expected by 2020, e-commerce will double the growth of 20%, contribute up to RM114 billion to Malaysia’s GDP.

You think you have nothing to do with these? When the time you face your cell is longer as compared to your parents, you should know this is your nearest chance towards wealthy.


Cross-border e-commerce consultants X Experience media marketing X Local digital experience


Taiwan possesses a mature e-commerce environment, its competitiveness ranked first in Asia, which cultivates excellent network services, technology, and talent; the wide range of brand-new business module, create a huge number of digital businesses opportunities.

A group of Taiwanese with years of experience in cross-border e-commerce operation development and marketing sees these huge opportunities, they think about how to open up a tributary from the endless stream of money, so that everyone can earn a better life in the future. Upheld the concept of pursuing of excellence ambition, in order to build the new e-commerce platform with multi-profit and easy entrepreneurship, therewithal cooperate with Malaysia local partner, establish an international professional operation team, effectively and precisely develop a profit sharing revolutionary shopping site-SHOPPLUS, which providing excellent international and local products selection with competitive price, as well as high-quality MIT products.


The strongest bonus rebate, alter the shopping scheme of your life


ShopPlus is not just a shopping platform, it possesses a high response rate of dividend return mechanism, as well as the most integrated organization adhesive design, at the same time providing complimentary professional courses that teach you the skills and techniques towards successful online marketing, the cooperate partners and members work together to maximize the gain profit!

    Life possesses different choices, and life possesses nonstop consumption, choose the right place to shop with your friends and family, purchase the goods you want or need, and earn the extra bonuses, this is ShopPlus!

.Plus Cash Back

Complimentary membership, immediately obtain 100 points bonus rebate which 10 points value is equivalent to RM 1; invite 3 friends to shop together, and earn extra 10% shopping rewards.

.Plus Income

Spend RM300 per month, upgrade to VVIP, once you or your members shopping via the website or mobile app anytime and anywhere, you can earn 10% shopping rewards and sales commission, the extra income will debit your account, and you can redeem bonus merchandise.

.Plus Career

Want to become an online entrepreneur? ShopPlus allows you to start up your own online shop with low cost. You don't have to worry about where the products come from? How to do marketing? How to connect the cash flow and logistics flow? We will do it for you! You can earn the sales commissions and dividends easily anywhere.


The sooner you join, the sooner you meet the successful you


In the past, operate an e-commerce business was a tough task, possess a good commodity, but not familiar with the website setup, e-commerce operation and online marketing techniques, thus cannot obtain a good result. Now, SHOPPLUS help you solve it all!

Let the pros do the works for you, SHOPPLUS provide the e-commerce channel and one-stop integrated services, research and develop a variety of functional modules, create multiple exposures of partner’s products; connect 5 in 1 operation module which involves the flows of cash, logistics, people, information, and services, effectively reduce the cost and enhance the efficiency. Thereafter offer a full range of integrated marketing solutions, create a precise marketing plan from network placement to the word of mouth marketing to community sharing, it helps all members and collaboration partners to easily access into the global digital economy, from which to earn the maximum profit, this is the core principle and mission of ShopPlus!

· Integration of Taiwan and Malaysia outstanding team, with mature e-commerce experience and skills.

· Learn from Taiwan’s media, community and online experience, come out with more diversified marketing methods

· Excellent and comprehensive online platform plan, benefit to members and cooperate partners.

· Professional e-commerce consultant lecturer, providing a complimentary training course to the success path of e-commerce business.

    Always miss the chance to make money? Because you always a step slower than others! The Era of Sharing Economy is approaching, start up a business is no longer restricted to funds and professional, everybody has the chance to enjoy the profit dividends of SHOPPLUS members shopping, the sooner you join SHOPPLUS, the sooner you change your life; the more you share the advantages of ShopPlus, the closer you are towards the successful life with wealthy and unlimited happiness!